Unmasking the Crypto Crusader: Blockchain Takes on the War Against Deep Fakes

    In a week-long revelation of innovative and unique applications in the realm of AI and crypto, today’s spotlight falls on the innovative synergy between blockchain and artificial intelligence in combating the ominous surge of fake content. Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of Near, issues a stark warning about the impending chaos if the rampant generation of fraudulent photos, letters, bills, and conversations by Generative AI goes unchecked.

    Enter blockchain, emerging as a beacon of transparency to trace the origin of online content, offering users a lifeline in distinguishing between authentic and AI-generated images. However, Polosukhin emphasizes that the primary challenge lies not in discerning truth from lies but in verifying the source’s authenticity. Blockchain becomes the linchpin, employing cryptography for consistency and traceability, while reputation systems validate the author’s credibility.

    While supply chain projects like VeChain and OriginTrail thrive in proving real-world provenance, content-based provenance struggles to gain traction. Projects like Trive News and made strides in article verification and transparent content history but met untimely demises. Fact Protocol, leveraging AI and Web3, attempts to crowdsource news validation, joined by Reuters’ proof-of-concept pilot program embedding metadata on-chain for photo authenticity.

    Despite ongoing academic research and the introduction of innovative tools, skepticism looms. Technically, blockchain may not be a prerequisite, yet it bolsters the process’s resilience against malicious use. As discussions on blockchain combating disinformation gain momentum, Microsoft’s recent watermark initiative and the Coalition for Content Provenance Authenticity underscore progress. While not mandatory, blockchain integration, as demonstrated by Reuters and championed by Web3 outfits like Rarible and Dfinity, adds an extra layer of security.

    As the crypto community navigates this uncharted territory, the marriage of blockchain and AI in unmasking the true origins of digital content signals a promising evolution in the ongoing battle against deep fakes. The quest for authenticity marches forward, armed with the innovative fusion of two technological giants.

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