Where to Use Bitcoin for Tech, Food, and Travel

    In the 12 years since its inception, Bitcoin has evolved from a niche digital asset to a global phenomenon. As the crypto community continues to expand, so does the list of businesses and service providers accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment. Whether you’re into tech, finance, ecommerce, or even dining out, the options for spending your BTC are growing by the day.

    Tech Titans Leading the Charge:

    1. Microsoft: Supports BTC for topping up Microsoft accounts, allowing purchases from Windows or Xbox stores.
    2. AT&T: The first mobile carrier to accept crypto payments through BitPay.
    3. Namecheap: The domain management and registration giant now accepts Bitcoin.
    4. The Internet Archive: Allows donations in Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies.
    5. ExpressVPN: Use Bitpay to pay for privacy tools with Bitcoin.
    6. DishNetwork: Pay for TV subscriptions with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
    7. Substack: Popular internet newsletter service now accepts BTC payments.
    8. Accepts Bitcoin payments using Bitpay for website creation services.

    Fintech Frontrunners Joining the Crypto Wave:

    1. PayPal: Buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies with this groundbreaking payment service.
    2. Intuit: Quickbooks by Intuit allows acceptance of Bitcoin.
    3. The personal finance app lets you track Bitcoin transactions.
    4. Coinfuel: Buy discounted Gas Gift Cards with Bitcoin.
    5. ForexTime (FXTM): Cryptocurrency trading now available on this trading platform.
    6. AvaTrade: This foreign exchange and stocks trading platform has incorporated cryptocurrency trading.
    7. eToro: The traditional trading platform has embraced cryptocurrencies.
    8. Offers trading options for cryptocurrencies.

    E-commerce Giants Riding the Bitcoin Wave:

    1. NewEgg: Online retail powerhouse supporting three ways of paying with Bitcoin.
    2. Amazon (indirectly): Platforms like allow BTC holders to make purchases indirectly.
    3. Shopify: Thousands of merchants accept Bitcoin payments via BitPay, Coinbase Commerce, and more.
    4. eGifter and Gyft: Gift card platforms allowing BTC to be spent at various retailers.
    5. BitPlaza: Online retailer offering a range of products with easy Bitcoin support.
    6. Etsy: Accepts Bitcoin payments for various handmade and vintage items.
    7. Global shopping site embracing Bitcoin transactions.

    Gaming and Entertainment Giants on the Crypto Stage:

    1. Twitch: One of the largest gaming streaming platforms accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin payments.
    2. Casual games creator accepting Bitcoin via Coinbase.
    3. HumbleBundle: Popular site selling games, ebooks, and software with Bitcoin support.
    4. Xbox: Accepts Bitcoin for subscriptions.
    5. Zynga: Social gaming platform allowing payments in Bitcoin.
    6. Online movie ticketing site accepting Bitcoin since 2015.
    7. Lionsgate Films: Hollywood studio accepting crypto payments.
    8. AMC Theaters: One of the largest movie-going franchises in the US and Canada accepting Bitcoin.

    Feeding Your Bitcoin Appetite:

    1. Subway: Some locations in the US accepting Bitcoin since 2013.
    2. Burger King: Locations in Germany and Venezuela accepting Bitcoin.
    3. KFC: Crypto meal deals with Bitcoin payments.
    4. The Pink Cow – Japan: One of the first restaurants in Japan with a Bitcoin ATM.
    5. Pemburry Tavern: Britain’s first Bitcoin-based pub.
    6. Bitcoin Coffee (Prague): Café in Prague accepting only Bitcoin.
    7. Dominoes (Netherlands): 16 locations allowing employees to be paid in Bitcoin.
    8. WholeFoods (via Spedn app): Use Bitcoin via the Spedn app.

    Jetting off with Bitcoin:

    1. CheapAir: Leading the charge in air travel, supporting international flights with Bitcoin.
    2. Pay for hotels, flights, and experiences with Bitcoin, partnered with over 600 airlines.
    3. More Stamps Global: Book flights, hotels, and services with Bitcoin.
    4. BTCTrip: Dedicated travel platform for Bitcoin-supported flights.
    5. Webjet: First online travel agency in Australia to accept Bitcoin.

    Sparkling in Precious Metals with Bitcoin:

    1. REEDS Jewelers: Spend BTC at physical stores and online outlets for luxury watches and jewelry.
    2. Vaultoro: Precious metals company accepting Bitcoin.
    3. Menlo Park: High-end jeweler accepting Bitcoin since 2018.
    4. Luxe Watches: Bitcoin payments for luxury watch brands.
    5. Saving Pearls: Handmade jewelry shop embracing Bitcoin payments.
    6. American Bullion: Gold investor company accepting Bitcoin.
    7. SchiffGold: Peter Schiff’s company accepts Bitcoin via BitPay.

    Beyond Business: Social and Educational Acceptance:

    1. Wikipedia: Accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether for donations via BitPay.
    2. SavetheChildren: One of the first global nonprofits to accept Bitcoin donations.
    3. European School of Management and Technology Berlin: Early adopter among German institutes of higher education.
    4. University of Cumbria: First UK university to accept Bitcoin.
    5. Juliette Interiors: Luxury UK-based furniture retailer accepting Bitcoin since 2017.
    6. Mobler Design: Furniture company accepting Bitcoin since 2014.
    7. Red Cross: Accepts donations in Bitcoin through Bitpay.
    8. UnitedWay: Community of nonprofits allowing Bitcoin donations through Giving Block.

    Spending Bitcoin with Crypto Debit Cards:

    1. Card: Prepaid VISA card offering up to 8% back on spending with zero fees.
    2. Binance Card: Zero fees with up to 8% Cashback on services, supported by the largest crypto exchange.
    3. Nuri Card: Formerly Bitwala, the card is funded by the balance in your account.
    4. Bitpanda Card: Visa Card accepted by 54 million+ merchants worldwide with cashback on every transaction.

    As Bitcoin continues to gain acceptance, businesses across industries are recognizing its potential as a legitimate form of payment. Whether you’re shopping for tech, food, or even booking a flight, the world of Bitcoin transactions is expanding, offering users unprecedented choices for spending their digital assets. As we move further into the digital age, the list of businesses embracing Bitcoin is set to grow, paving the way for a more seamless integration of cryptocurrency into our daily lives.

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